Sportsman Special Night Vision Binocular

Regular price $5,590.00
Tailored to the night outdoor enthusiast, Sportsman Special provides a military grade, serviced and tested Night Vision Binocular at an attractive price. This gently used and well maintained equipment is powered by US manufactured Generation III image intensifier tubes and incorporates high-performance optics to provide the user with clear images, even on the darkest of night.

Features and Benefits
 - High performance Night Vision Binocular
 - Services and tested by and accredited Night Vision Laboratory
         - Meets a minimum gain of 4,000 in each channel
 - Go Kit Included
         - Carrying case, Lanyard, Clip-On Power Supply
         - Quick Reference Guide
 - Helmet mountable
         - Mount/Helmet Purchased separately

Objective Focus - 41 cm (±3 cm) to Infinity  
Tilt Adjustment - 10° range  
Eyepiece Diopter Focus - +2 to -6 
Diopters  Weight* - 1.70 lbs.  
Magnification - Unity (1X)  
Carrying Case -  Approximately 8 x 4.5 x 7 (inches)    
Field of View (FOV) - 40° nominal    
Operating Temperature -  –25.6°F (–32°C) to +125.6°F (+52°C)  
Interpupillary Distance - 51 mm to 72 mm,  
Independent  Illumination Required - Overcast starlight to moonlight 

Domestic Use Only - No export

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